How Robots are helping us Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic

How Robots are helping us Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic

Half of 2020 is already gone and we still not back to our daily routine. Coronavirus pandemic has affected our life drastically but most of our work is on hold. You can feel how everything has changed. So you have been missing out on your Gym workout. Online lectures are great but they are no substitute for lab work. Physical interaction among us is reducing and social distance is increasing. As a result, we rely on robots for doing many tasks. In fact, robots are helping us fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Robots in Healthcare

Robots in Healthcare
Milagrow Humantech Robot

Hospitals are deploying robots for contactless monitoring of patients because health workers need protection from the virus. You can see hospitals using humanoid robots guiding the patients in the ward. Milagrow Humantech has deployed such robots in COVID-19 wards. These robots help us reducing the proximity of health workers and patients.

Healthcare Robot
Mitra Humanoid Robot

Robots in isolation wards of Chennai, India are serving food and medicine to patients. As the cases of doctors and nurses contracting the virus are on the rise, we need more such robots that protect them. Students of Chhattisgarh’s Mahasamund have developed a remotely controlled robot. Hospitals are also using robots for scanning the temperature of patients. It is a humanoid robot called Mitra which performs thermal screening of patients.

In kerala’s Ancharkandi in Kunnur district, large number of coronavirus are detected. Here, a robot called “Nightingale-19” has been used to distribute food and medicine among patients.

Healthcare Robot Example
Nightangle-19 Robot

These robots have a communication mechanism in-built. So, the doctors can monitor patients from remote. The robot can travel up to a distance of 1 KM which is enough to visit all wards of a hospital. It can serve food, water, and medicine to patients. Vimal Jyoti Engineering College, Chemberi, Kerala has designed Nightangle-19.

Robots for Cleaning and Disinfecting

Apart from serving food, water, and medicine to patients, hospitals are using robots for cleaning the floor and disinfecting tasks. These robots can disinfect the entire hospital premises. Robots can spray disinfectant on floors and clean without human intervention. They are capable of avoiding obstacles and can plan their own path. These robots are autonomous. You can use a laptop or a smartphone to monitor these robots. You can also use robots to pick up the trash without requiring human involvement. The robots can help health workers, sanitation workers, doctors, and nurses to perform their duties efficiently without risking their life. The use of robots in hospitals and isolation wards minimizes the interaction of human beings. The key to fight coronavirus pandemic is to maintain social distancing and the use of robots helps in achieving this.

The robots can also help patients to interact with their family. These robots can roam around the ward equipped with video camera and enable video calling. So that, family members can be aware of patient’s condition.

Hence robots are great in helping fight the coronavirus pandemic and eradicate the disease.

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