Robotics and Automation impacting the Society

Robotics and Automation impacting the Society

We have seen robotics and automation impacting the society in manys in recent years. We have seen the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, many areas of daily life are effected.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the topic of research over the last few decades. Extensive research has been done on Robotics also. However, only specific applications have been targeted to date. Robot development can do a lot for society. New applications of robotics helping people in several ways will emerge. Therefore robotics will continue to be the focus of research in the coming years.

Some Examples

The impact of robots on society can be considered with few examples. Robots can help children in learning. The elderly people can be helped in a number of ways. Surveillance robots can help them in getting the view outside their house. Likewise, pick and place robots will help them in doing routine tasks.

In current situation of pandemic, the delivery robots can play major role in running the business by making the truly contactless delivery of goods possible.

The hospitals which are working with scarcity of staff need many such robots. The health care workers can do their routine tasks more efficiently with the help of automation and therefore will provide better service. The restaurants will find more customers when the food will be served by robots.

Currently, we may not like that the robots will replace the jobs of large number of people. But if they do the tasks more efficiently, then isn’t they are good enough? As far as jobs are concerned, more jobs will be created, both in number and variety. As the robots perform specific applications efficiently, we need to build new kind of robots. We can find the time from repetitive tasks that the robots can perform and engage ourselves in doing things that we really enjoy.

Machine Intelligence and Robotics

The machine intelligence makes robots more powerful. With the use of machine learning techniques in robots, they will not be just like mechanical and electrical components doing repetitive tasks. The robots can learn now from the environment and surroundings.

The intelligent robots can help in doing farming tasks. They can walk around the entire field and bring useful information. The intelligent robots can spray fertilizers and pesticides in the field and that also in varying quantity. If some action is needed urgently they can raise alarm. Therefore, farmers can attend the field only when it is required. They can spend their quality time in doing other tasks.

The intelligent robots can be used in self-driving cars. We may not need drivers then. But we need people who can train robots.

The intelligent robots can be used in cleaning the roads or they can help human workers in doing their tasks more efficiently. The automation will definitely improve efficiency and people will be able to do their tasks easily. Hence, in near future, we will see rise in the installation of robots. The quality of service will improve with automation. The service sector will be able to perform tasks better and faster.

Impact on Society

However, the robotics and automation will have both positive and negative impact on society. The employment will be effected. The employees will fear loss of jobs. The organizations don’t have experience in automating the tasks. The cost of installing robots may be high.

The communities still need the time to adjust with the concept of automation.