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3D Printing in Smart Construction

The smart construction process improves sustainability in building construction by utilizing digital technologies. Smart construction makes use of digital technologies and 3d printing is one of them. Also known as Additive Manufacturing, the 3D printing technology can be utilized in construction. What is 3D Printing? Basically, 3D Printing is a technique through which a physical …


Benefits of IoT and Machine Learning in Smart Healthcare

IoT is transforming every sector of society and healthcare systems are no exceptions. Certainly, IoT based smart applications can handle large volumes of data efficiently. On the other hand, Machine Learning (ML) techniques provide us meaningful insights. Without a doubt, we can realize the benefits of IoT and Machine Learning in Smart Healthcare. The innovative …


Building Cities with Smart Sanitation

A smart city should adopt appropriate ways of sanitation. Building Cities with Smart Sanitation will not only bring smart technologies into sanitation systems but will also help in identifying the early signs of an outbreak of a disease. Sanitation facilities play a major role in affecting the health conditions of people. Hence, Appropriate measures in …