Benefits of IoT and Machine Learning in Smart Healthcare

IoT is transforming every sector of society and healthcare systems are no exceptions. Certainly, IoT based smart applications can handle large volumes of data efficiently. On the other hand, Machine Learning (ML) techniques provide us meaningful insights. Without a doubt, we can realize the benefits of IoT and Machine Learning in Smart Healthcare.

The innovative solutions emerging from the IoT along with Machine Learning techniques will benefit the healthcare industry in a number of ways.

Healthcare Applications

There are several useful mobile apps like WebMD Pain Coach, Glucose Buddy, uCheck, Healthy Heart 2 that provide assistance to the patients in different ways. For instance, WebMD Pain Coach helps in managing pain. Similarly, Healthy Heart 2 allows people to measure several parameters such as Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, pulse, and son

Although lots of applications currently exist that make the life of patients a lot easier, still patients need more.

Benefits of IoT and Machine Learning in Smart Healthcare

While all of these applications are quite useful for patients. However, these applications do not work in an emergency when the patient is not able to call the hospital. In such situations, an automatic warning message from a wearable device can save a life. In general, IoT and Machine Learning based smart applications have many advantages for patients, doctors, as well as hospitals. These advantages are discussed below.

Operational Efficiency

Surely, automation and intelligence in clinical operations will free the doctors and healthcare workers from many tasks. Hence, they can spend more time taking care of patients. The routine tasks of keeping track of medical inventory, patient tracking, and monitoring, and waiting time for patients can be reduced. Some examples of such smart applications are PatientTouchPatientKeeper, and GetWellNetwork.

Improved Patient Care

Patients and their family can get right and timely information that not only helps in providing right treatment early but also prepare patients for self-care. For instance, AppCatalyst customizable apps help patients in supporting positive health practices.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Since smart healthcare applications provide patients to manage their treatment more effectively and track their health status, patients feel more satisfied. For example, Body Cardio is one such app that people can use to track several health parameters including the heart rate.

Cost Reduction for Hospitals and Clinics

Besides providing health and care benefits to patients, IoT and Machine Learning based applications also help in achieving cost reduction due to improved operations.

Less Expensive Treatment

Since patients can get treatment from their homes and are able to manage their health conditions, the treatment cost also becomes lesser.

Improved Accessibility for Treatment

The aggregator applications like CrediHealth and Practo provide information about doctors, treatment, and cost of treatment in one place. Therefore, these applications make healthcare facilities accessible to all.

Benefits for Medical Research

In fact, the smart applications makes it easy for doctors and healthcare professionals to gather the patients’ data more efficiently. Also, these applications also help patients to participate in the clinical research.

Enhancing Privacy of Patient Data

The smart applications also enhance the privacy of patients’ data since now their data reside on their own device rather than being stored in the hospital’s server.


In this article on the Benefits of IoT and Machine Learning in Smart Healthcare, several benefits of smart applications in healthcare are discussed. In fact, the use of these smart applications may revolutionize the healthcare industry by making quality and cost-effective treatment available to every citizen.

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