Latest Advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) — Part 5

Building Automation

Internet of Things (IoT) can help in realizing building automation. Modern buildings usually have various forms of Air Conditioning, heating, lighting and ventilation systems. Basically, the maintenance of buildings involves the maintenance of these HVAC systems which greatly contribute to the maintenance expenditure. Building automation systems enable people to manage and control HVAC systems as well as security and surveillance systems with ease. The IoT enabled automation systems for buildings can help in achieving a substantial reduction in electricity expenditure.

The building automation system let us have smart schools, smart laboratories, smart offices and also the smart cities. As a matter of fact building automation systems provide us connected infrastructure that we can manage and control from anywhere.

IoT in schools, workplace and smart cities

IoT in Schools

The use of IoT in schools will form better connected and collaborated schools. With the use of IoT, students will get access to everything they need. A virtual learning environment can better engage students while parents can also connect to the classroom. For instance, IoT devices like Scanmarker can help students make editable notes from the textbooks.  Educational smartphone apps help students understand complex topics with 3D graphics along with touch and voice input.

There are many video creation tools that help teachers design their course content. Apart from making digital course content and virtual classrooms, smart schools enable access of facilities like libraries, labs and canteens with smart cards. Usage of Smart boards is already there which can record the lecture also.

The use of IoT enabled biometric devices ensures the safety of students.  Also, IoT enables smart school buses to provide a facility to monitor students’ behavior and ensure safety. Hence IoT enabled smart schools promote “learning anywhere” among students.

The use of Smart Cards in schools can lead to more productivity by both students and teachers. Moreover, students can use these smart cards in school bus, cafeteria, library as well as in marking attendance. Undoubtedly, the use of smart cards ensures safety for students as they are connected with their parents and teachers all the time.

Workplace Automation

The use of IoT in the office environment can be more productive as it makes the routine tasks for staff easier. Also, it will be cost-effective to manage various operations. IoT enabled HVAC systems allow managers to monitor and control appliances like AC, fans, and lights.

We can have connected offices which make use of IoT technology. The IoT enabled biometric devices make the staff attendance process automatic which can further be linked to employee payroll system.

Offices can have IoT enabled meeting rooms also which can schedule meetings and indicate which meeting rooms are available at the moment. Also, the Meeting rooms have a video conferencing facility that will be easy to control. Alexa for business can help you in achieving all this.

Smart Cities

Smart cities have a more sustainable infrastructure that utilizes technology. People in IoT enabled smart cities engage actively in government schemes. E-governance lets people use online services and offers more transparency. The public transportation system will become more accessible and the neighborhood will become more eco-friendly with an effective waste management system. For more details read this post on Smart Cities.

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