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How Internet-of-Things (IoT) is related to Data Science

As the popularity of smart homes and smart appliances increases so is the need of analyzing the data that these devices generate. The sensors working in these smart appliances constantly generate data which quickly takes high volume. In this post on How Internet-of-Things (IoT) is related to Data Science, you will understand the need for …


Security Threats in IoT Devices

IoT market keeps growing. But are smart gadgets really secure? Internet of Things (IoT) devices are not immune to a security vulnerability. As more and more people are adopting home automation devices, the risk of a security breach is also increasing. Since the Internet is always vulnerable to cyber attacks, it also poses security threats in IoT devices. The IoT devices are prone to cyber-attacks when they are connected to the Internet and when …



If you want to get acquainted with IoT then first of all you must know the hardware platforms that are used to build IoT applications. In particular, the Arduino platform is the first one that you should try to develop IoT projects. The reason being that it is simpler, easy to learn, and less costly. Basically,  it is …


Smart City – Managing the Infrastructure

Smart cities make use of sensor technology to control and monitor infrastructure like road conditions, bridges, parks, etc. For instance, if a truck is carrying a heavy load, authorities can detect it and take appropriate action so that the integrity of infrastructure is not compromised. In this post Smart City – managing the Infrastructure, we will discuss …


Smart City

Smart cities have become smarter than before with the use of IoT, AI, and sensor technology.  A smart city has a strong ICT infrastructure that helps people improve the quality of life of citizens by reducing unnecessary expenditures and wastages. Basically, citizens of the smart cities use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) extensively and participate …


Latest Advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) — Part 5

Building Automation Internet of Things (IoT) can help in realizing building automation. Modern buildings usually have various forms of Air Conditioning, heating, lighting and ventilation systems. Basically, the maintenance of buildings involves the maintenance of these HVAC systems which greatly contribute to the maintenance expenditure. Building automation systems enable people to manage and control HVAC …


Latest Advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) — Part 4

Farming Automation Farmers are already using technology and IT in agriculture with an objective of increasing crop yield and management of farming operations. Essentially, the farming automation requires the use of Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Cloud services. We can automate a variety of tasks. We can say that Farming Automation is a collection of several …


Latest Advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) — Part 2

IoT in Service Sector, Smart Cars and Healthcare IoT in Service Sector In the service sector, IoT applications are helping people for carrying out daily life tasks. As the world is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic since the beginning of 2020, people are avoiding physical proximity with each other. As a result, several use cases …